Harvest Appeal 2016

This year at St Francis Church we are supporting people at home and people further away from us.
If you would like to be part of our Harvest Appeal you can bring tinned goods and non perishable food items to the church before the 9th October, or on the 9th for our 10.30am Harvest Festival Service.
We are also supporting people in a country further afield - Liberia.  We want to raise enough money to fund a water pump to a hospital in Kakata so that the wards there can have clean running water.  At the moment water is pumped by hand and carried in large containers to each ward.
A small donation will make a huge difference.  Have a look at HOPE FOR CHILDREN KAKATA facebook page here.
Giving envelopes for this appeal are in church.  And the collection at our Harvest Festival will also go to this cause.