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Why a Community and not just a church?


We believe that as God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit and in an eternal community of love, equality and collaboration we too, who are made in the image of God are called to live in community. 


We believe that our community should attempt to model the community of the Trinity and that we should be united in mutual love, working together in harmonious consensus, and respecting the equality and dignity of each person.

Of course a church should model this aspiration and many do.  However we want to define ourselves as a community using the traditional marks of monastic orders:  daily rhythm, daily corporate prayer, works, hospitality and a Rule of Life.

In doing this we believe we are better able to engage with those we find ourselves in the midst of.  Our society is a 24 hour society and we believe that people are better able to relate to a church community that strives to achieve this.  A church that is open 7 days a week is more able to meet the needs of people, meet them in their hour of need and offer them hospitality, time and friendship.

By defining ourselves as community we are reminded that we are bound to one another and those in the centre of the community cannot forget that they are to love one another, pray for one another, learn from one another and support one another.

We share a common rhythm and common goals and are supported by the whole community as we journey together.

We are reminded by one another that in following Christ there is no compromise.  We have to live as he calls us to live and our community supports us in doing this.


There are many things that bind us together at St Francis - most significantly our Christian faith.  We have agreed a Rule of Life for our community to aspire to, to help us remain focussed on those things that matter most to us.

Select from the main menu to see our Rule of Life.

The Rhythm of our day

We want to build a rhythm to our living that sustains us in our relationship with God.

We have a pattern to each day and week that we try to follow.

Select from the main menu to see our Community Rhythm.

Our Work

We want to serve our local community (and beyond) and do so through the work that we carry out on a daily basis in and around our church

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Our Community Members wear a badge to mark their belonging to out St Francis Community, our leadership (staff and Trustees) also wear a Community Guardian badge to show their position of responsibility.

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